How to Live on 24 Hours

Principle         Know what you want from life and get it.


This takes some time.  Quiet moments to evaluate your life and what you really want from it will help you organise yourself to be able to get it.

Action Points to Evaluate & Simplify

Ideas to help you evaluate your life and use your time wisely.

  1. Do a 24 hour review. e.g. Record everything you do for 24 hours, even if the activity only takes 30 seconds. You’ll be amazed how much time those small things accumulate throughout the day.  See how your time is really being used.
  2. Think about your 80th birthday.  Looking back on your life, what do you really hope you will have achieved?  Write down your life goals and make a plan to achieve them.  This takes some work and you will want to find a process that works for you.  My process has been to work backwards.  I have three goals I want to achieve before I die.  I have broken them down into decades, years, months, weeks and days.  This way on a daily basis, I know if I am making progress or not.  It helps me when I need to make decisions about how to use my time.
  3. Come up with processes that make things efficient e.g. shopping lists, meal plans, housework plans etc.  Order and organisation is about developing processes that run themselves to take care of things, so that you have time for what’s most important – your relationships, life goals and ambitions.

An example of this last point comes from when we lived in Germany.  Our home there had a utility room in the basement where we had our washing machine. For about a year I walked up and down two flights of stairs daily with never ending baskets of washing. Until a friend showed me she brought her washing machine upstairs!   We were able to plumb our washing machine into the family bathroom upstairs. This saved numerous hours for more important things.  Genius is always simple!

Something  I have discovered is that the morning hours are the most productive.  Beginning the day right and with a plan will help you to achieve your goals.  Evaluating at night will keep you on track.