Family Traditions

Family traditions help to create a culture and family identity that enable children to feel a part of something bigger than themselves, something fun, good, safe and positive.  Traditions can come about by accident or they can be purposefully chosen.  They will be unique to your family.  The following are some examples and provide some ideas.


Birthdays are a celebration of the individual and an opportunity to remember the best in them and show appreciation.  Our children choose their favourite breakfast and dinner.  We try to celebrate for the whole day!  Each child has a book that we write in every year on their birthday instead of birthday cards.  We might write our favourite memories with them from the last year, or their achievements that we want to remember during that year.  We might give advice for the year to come, or write things we love about them.  To end the day we have a tradition that has been handed down from grandparents.  The birthday bumps!

Family Traditions

January – Theatre trip

February – Valentines treasure hunt and treats.

March – Spring cleaning

April – Easter celebrations – Passover dinner, Jerusalem dinner, sunrise walk, egg hunt.  General Conference with dominoes and Ben & Jerry’s, cricket/football and bingo.

May – Concert

June – Cycling trip


August – Camping

September – Day of competitions with friends – football match, obstacle course, ready steady cook and photo scavenger hunt.

October – Collecting and playing conkers, leaf pile jumping.  General Conference dominoes and Ben & Jerry’s with cricket/football and bingo.  Trunk or Treat & pumpkin carving.


December – Christmas traditions – Ginger bread houses and cookies, parcel drop and runs, Christmas movies, preparing Christmas dinner together, Christmas story advent, advent Sunday games nights with friends.