Kyle Wester states: “One of the most important tools…is reconnecting at the end of the evening. Whether the day has been a breeze, completely frustrating, or by all appearances a total failure, reconnection is vital to helping my kids and I learn and grow from the day. It is a reminder to all of us that no matter how the day went, we are still loved and accepted in this family.

Reconnection helps us remember that we are for each other and not against each other. It is going to make the next day start off in a more positive way. This time at night is going fill our cups to the brim. If possible, I might even ask what they felt worked and what didn’t. Then I can use this information to help plan for a new day tomorrow.”

There have been many days when I have hurried through the routine just wanting it to be over so I can sit down and relax.  I regret those days.  The nights when I have cuddled, chatted, read stories, tickled and listened to my children individually, tucked them in and said goodnight, those are the nights when I go to bed feeling blessed to have such a wonderful family.  If this isn’t happening on a regular basis, maybe because I am too exhausted or out of the house, then I know I need to change things in my schedule.
Elijah had been learning the continents at school and that’s what we chatted (and sang) about on this particular bedtime.