Parent / Child Dates

You show me where you spend your time and I will show you where your priorities lie.

Children spell Love T. I. M. E.  (Dr. A Witham)

Life is busy and particularly in a large family, one on one time can be impossible to find, which is why it has to be made.  For us the only way to make one on one time is to schedule it into the calendar.  Just do it!  I have never regretted time taken to be with a child, just me and them.  On the other hand, I have regretted may times that I haven’t taken time to be with a child.

Our children receive a budget for the year.  With that budget they can choose activities for parent/child dates.  They can choose something big that uses all their budget in one month and then the rest of the year will be dates that don’t cost like bike rides, doing each others nails etc.  Or if they want to they can have a trip to Costa every month and just chat.


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