How and When to Talk to Your Child About Sex

There are many varied opinions and beliefs regarding this topic and there can be a real conflict of values in our society.

Dr Haim Ginott states: “In matters of sex, attitudes speak louder than words.  What is our society’s true attitude toward sex?”

“Should sex education be offered?   This question comes too late.  Sex is already being ‘taught’ – on the screen, in the school and in the streets.  In words and pictures, our children are often exposed to sex that is often sordid and vulgar.  Our streets are a ceaseless source of misinformation.  Smut sellers never hesitate to share sex ‘facts’ and feelings.  Precocious peers willingly tell of experiences, real and imagined.  It is the parents and teacher who often fear to share intimate information.”

We can easily add to this statement the experiences our children are having online and recognize that our children are growing up in a sex saturated society.

It is necessary to get comfortable speaking about this topic and keeping it open on a regular basis.

I believe there are a variety of sexual experiences that our children can have.  They can be special and beautiful, or traumatic and devastating.  It is important to me that our children have the knowledge available to them to make their own choices about what kind of experience they want to have.  Reality is not what they learn on TV, the internet and social media etc.  This is something we must talk and listen to them about.  The sex talk books are great for conversation starters and take you through the different ages.