Recognizing effort and accomplishment

Ammaron and I wanted to focus on both effort and achievement.  During times of effort we try to encourage with specific praise and support if wanted.  When extra effort is called for and grit is required we try to encourage with a tradition of having that child stand on the table where they can see the family looking up to them.  We become their cheerleaders with a family chant which lets them know we are proud of them and are supporting them through this tough time.  This is especially important when they are facing their fears.  It is especially meaningful to younger children.

The photos give an idea of what things our children have stood on the table for.

sariah starts uni
Sariah starts university
isaac gets award
Isaac receives an award
hyrums macarons
Hyrum bakes Macarons
fake wales work
Esther studies for her GCSE’s
elijah catcehs a fish
Elijah catches his first fish